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Acupuncture reestablishes deep body systems towards interconnected self-healing. This can help resolve injuries, sleep, digestive tract issues, allergy, nervous system, and cardiovascular systems, and all-around wellbeing.

Acupuncture treatment can support pain reduction, especially post surgery and chronic pain left unresolved by other treatments.

Gently placed needles activate the immune system and rebalancing the body’s resources. As a result of the physical and energetic shifts, stuck emotional and mental habits can also have space to resolve. Many patients report experiencing a state of deep relaxation during their session.


Injection therapy includes the injection of vitamins, minerals and other natural substances to supplement deficiency or poor absorption. Advanced therapies include corrective injections to address structural damage such as loose or torn connective tissue, scar tissue, or other physical trauma that blocks the flow of life in the body.

Homeopathics may be used to enhance your treatment, or as a stand alone to address pain, immune system function, energy levels, and weight loss.

The art of acupuncture point injection also takes a deep look at what systems may be impacted and the selection of distal points in addition the area of concern can bring a rewarding total body healing.


What is a light body, or energy body? The recognition of the body’s life force and its inseparability from the mind, emotions, and consciousness, and its interconnectedness with all others beings.

Bringing ancient wisdom to modern science together allows us to explore more deeply who and what we are. The science and art of energy medicine as presented from many traditions does not separate the body from the mind and emotions. As we grow from just not feeling bad, into greater and greater health, there are many more layers to explore. Indeed, these same yogas and meditations, can help start the healing process even while a struggle with physical imbalance as well as let us lucid dream, visualize more clearly, clear deep blocks and trauma from the body, and even serve as a vehicle for exploration.

The culmination of this path is the totally clear and bright perception of our free and creative nature and how to fully empower and embody this in a compassionate way in the world.


Joel Packard is an intuitive acupuncturist with a comprehensive approach to wellness.

His formal education in healing arts began with massage therapy training in 2002. Joel’s passion for helping others has continued to evolve over the years, leading him to become a Licensed Acupuncturist in 2010. He has studied qi gong, taiji, yoga, energy healing, and meditation for over 20 years and for the last 5 years has focused his training in Tibetan Medicine.

Joel’s ability to see the big picture allows him to focus not just on a single ailment, but on the interconnectedness of your entire system. This holistic approach supports him with the insight necessary to restore profound harmony in your body, mind, and spirit.

He is deeply motivated to help individuals with their health and life goals, while also asking the big questions about how we can move forward in greater health and harmony on this planet.

His interests in self-exploration have furthered his lifelong mission to bridge the practical aspects of healing with the mystery of life.

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